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Night Owl

hello friends!

A few years ago I did props on a fun show called night owl, written and created by rebekah miskin. We pulled all Nighter shoots at a grocery store in toronto called fiesta farms. i always think of my time on this shoot as the beginning of my new life. a time when i realized i wanted back in to a life of making pretend. now night owl is available for everybody and! not only available but supports good causes as well!

Night Owl is a comedy series about the night-time events at a 24 hour grocery store and it's now available for PAY WHAT YOU CAN worldwide on Vimeo. It's dedicated to the unsung heroes who have held us down through ALL of it: the pandemic, the panic-buying, the police brutality, the protests, the fight for justice and more: Grocery Store Workers Everywhere! 

Here's the link: Night Owl: 100% of the profits Night Owl generates will go directly to the following non-profit organizations: 

The Neighbourhood Food Hub: BIPOC Film & TV: and Pathways to Education:


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