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2020 Film Count

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

About a year ago or so, I was scrolling through Twitter and i noticed a comic book artist that i followed (can't for the life of me remember his name!) had a tweet that had many subtweets attached to it. each subtweet had a film title with the corresponding poster. he had the hashtag #2018filmcount. I remember thinking, "oh that's a brilliant idea!" I started listing my film watches last year but forgot to continue. this year, i challenged myself to make more of an effort in recording my film watching. Besides, Self-isolating is making it a whole lot easier. I always post them to instagram first but here is my list so far:

1. Late Night

2. Star Wars Episode VIV: The Rise of Skywalker

3. Frozen II

4. Parasite

5. Dolittle

6. Moulin Rouge (Revisit)

7. Once Upon a time in Hollywood

8. Ford v ferrari

9. You've got mail (revisit)

10. contagion (revisit)

11. Away (film by Gints Zilbalodis

12. another day of life

13. buñuel en la laberinto de las forfugas

14. tully

15. Blockers

16. booksmart

17. spenser confidential

18. unicorn store

19. the first wives club (revist)

20. berlin syndrome

21. mission Impossible: fallout

22. the dead don't die

23. rocketman

24. the kitchen

25. the disaster artist

26. love wedding repeat

27. shaft (2019)

28. game night

29. The founder

30. good boys

31. BlackkkLansman

32. The babysitters' club (revisit)

33. Neighbours

34. reservoir dogs

35. the bone collector

36. the banker

37. chef

38. stuber

39. spun

40. the lighthouse

41. center stage (revisit)

42. the little hours

43. horse girl

44. the foreigner

45. onward

46. Lucky Number Slevin

47. Game Change

48. Dante's Peak

49. the big lebowski (rewatch)

50. The wrong missy

51. Indian horse

52. slumdog millionaire (rewatch)

53. uncut gems

54. Meet the parents

55. the core

56. midsommar

57. Lovebirds

58. Cabin in the woods (rewatch)

59. Cracked up

60. The score

61. Hustlers

62. Extraction

63. The walrus and the whistleblower

64. Tenacious D and the pick of destiny

65. the hangover (rewatch)

66. the king of new york

67. peppermint

68. American Son

69. Gravity

70. The wife

71. Jumanji: welcome to the jungle

72. ready or not

73. arizona

74. troy (Rewatch)

75. The peacemaker

76. get smart

77. dirty dancing: havana nights (rewatch)

there is no GIF for it and I'm horrified

78. Ad astra

79. Frailty

80. Bridesmaids (rewatch)

81. Life of the party (rewatch)

82. waiting (rewatch)

83. Madness in the method

84. Corporate Animals

85. The Domestics

86. queen of katwe

87. Senna

88. knives out

89. Odio L'Estate

90. The gentlemen

NOte: i totally dropped the ball on this and haven't been keeping up. the next few are definitely not in sequential order ma che me ne frega

91. the matrix

92. greyhound

93. black snake moan

94. aladdin

95. widows


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